The Inertia for Good Editor

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Complaining about Outerknown’s product prices has become a new favorite pastime for some surfers. Somehow, somewhere, the common surfer became even more entitled than before and decided Kelly Slater owed them clothes at a cost convenient to them. You know, because marketing a quality product to a quality-seeking consumer is wrong…or something.

Now, whether you have/had a problem with the narrative on Outerknown’s price point, you at least can’t complain the company didn’t hear that criticism. Outerknown released the Nomadic trunk this week, their first surf trunk. The shorts will be the initial piece of a new Nomadic line, made by South Island Garment, in Malaysia. Outerknown publicly discloses the name and location of this and all of its factories on its website, and staying in line with the company’s focus on responsibility and sustainability, submits its factory list to the Fair Labor Association for independent monitoring and public reporting on factory working conditions.

So many surfers should be happy to hear the performance trunk was created without compromising Outerknown’s mission and without offending price tag obsessed critics; they’re only $65. Not bad considering the average commercial brand is capable of charging twice as much for some of their shorts.



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