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Someone stole Mike D's boards, and Kelly Slater's ready to hammer some thieves.

Someone stole Mike D’s boards, and Kelly Slater’s ready to hammer some thieves.

The Inertia

Mike D, of Beastie Boys fame, is a surfer. Of course, since he’s Mike D, he’s got a house near Point Dume, one of the most exclusive parts of Malibu. And yes, he stores surfboards there. Judging by the photos, he’s got a few gems–case in point, the Dead Kooks. According to reports, someone broke into his place and stole almost 20 surfboards, including the ones in the photo above.

Now, Kelly doesn’t come out and say these are Mike D’s surfboards, but TMZ (ever-so-trustworthy!) is reporting that they are indeed Mike’s. According to them, Mike D told LA cops that along with the surfboards, the thieves got away with skateboards and a bunch of other “surf-related gear.” According to D, at least a couple of the boards were worth upwards of a thousand dollars.

Kelly Slater, being the guy that he is, decided he’d give a helping hand and post the photo on his Instagram. So, like Kelly says, if you know anything about these boards, send him a message. Mike D will thank you.



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