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Yesterday, we reported that Kelly Slater had sent a gift to NASA Astronaut and pro surfing fan Christina H. Koch, who’s currently several months into an 11-month residency on the International Space Station. The 11-time world champion’s signed jersey from this year’s Oi Rio Pro is currently in orbit on the ISS as we speak.

In Slater’s Instagram post sharing the news, he mentioned that a live discussion between he and Koch was to take place on Friday, and now we have the details: today at 10 a.m. PST Koch and Kelly will exchange words – Koch from space, and Kelly from wherever in the world he currently finds himself.

As we know, Koch is a bona fide surf fan and when she’s not conducting highly consequential scientific research often snaps photos of famous surf breaks from her vantage and tunes into the live broadcasts of surf contests.


And if there’s a group Kelly Slater particularly loves to rile up, it’s Flat-Earthers. Expect Koch to simply look out her window and say, “Yep, it’s a sphere. Next question,” at some point during their discussion.

Tune in live here.



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