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It is actually kind of a weird thought – Kelly Slater dreaming about barrels. I mean, he spends so much time in them that the average surfer (ie: every other surfer on the planet) probably imagines Kelly’s life as some never ending circulation of barrels. And then when he gets spat out of one barrel in Fiji he just hops on a plane to Indo to get a backside barrel or thirteen. And then a couple months on the North Shore for a few more casual barrels at maxing Pipe, etc. Thinking of it like that it all sounds kind of mundane, but Kelly puts those thoughts to rest in this trailer for the upcoming documentary The Search for Freedom.

In it he talks about his love for surfing, how he knew it would become his livelihood by the time he was 10, in a way that helps us understand once again just why he’s so damn good; gifted beyond what many of us will get to experience in that realm. And that’s something to love in itself. The elusive chase, the obsession, the fire, and the belief that your next wave will somehow be the best one you’ve ever ridden. My bet is you too dream about it quite often, just like Kelly. The Search for Freedom would call that the infinite possibilities of self-expression.

If the documentary itself is much like this minute long promo we may have a gem on the way. It’s a compilation of stories told by talented athletes across surfing, skiing, mountain biking, and plenty more all sharing their love in the same tone. “Fueled by the human desire to live in the moment and do what makes you feel the most alive.”

VIMEO KELLY SLATER 1 MIN from The Search for Freedom on Vimeo.


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