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The Inertia

Ever since its landmark discovery as a place with countless nooks and crannies that produce rifling tubes, Bali’s Bukit Peninsula has drawn enumerable surfers to its shores, and no single break more so than Uluwatu. Early Bali surf travelers will tell you the Indonesian island has changed considerably, including an unfortunate trash problem, but the draw that entranced those same early surfers remains. And that goes from Joes on holiday to the world’s best pros who can’t resist her call.

Earlier this year, when the Championship Tour descended on Keramas, some of the world’s best dipped away from the world-class beach break to get a taste of Ulus. From Kelly Slater to Jack Freestone and featuring others like Mason Ho and Jack Robinson, this little free surf would have been a wonder to behold in person. Even vicariously several months later it’ll keep your attention.

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