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Breaking surfboards is part and parcel of surfing. It happens to everyone at some point — it’s a bit of a rite of passage. With time, you will break a surfboard. You’ve likely already broken a few. It sucks, doesn’t it? Kelly Slater is a man who has undoubtedly broken more than his fair share of boards, and he recently snapped another one at Avalon Beach, NSW, Australia.

According to the website 2GB.com, after the front half of his board ended up in a nearby ocean pool, he gave the broken board away before grabbing another one… and snapped it, too. “He donated both halves to the kids,” said the filmer, who the website identified as Alex. “Then he actually went back out and snapped another one. I’ll give him a 9.8.”

Slater confirmed that he did indeed have a few technical issues. “Broke two boards today,” he told Australia’s Nine News. “Took a few beatings, had to pay my dues. It’s been a while since I surfed here. It was all fun, we had a fun crew of guys out there.”


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