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Kelly Slater’s daughter Taylor stays, for the most part, out of the public eye. In 2016, as part of a 13-part interview with Graham Bensinger, Slater did a rare thing: he talked about his relationship with Taylor.

“The whole time my daughter has been raised by her mother almost 100 percent in physical time and I’ve been traveling,” Slater told Bensinger. “The hardest part, I think for me, is my daughter feeling like she doesn’t have a dad there all the time. And that’s hard for her. I know it was especially hard for her when she was younger.”

Taylor Slater is a talented artist, and she produces work across a variety of mediums. She makes wonderful films, takes wonderful photos, and makes wonderful pieces of art with resin. Above is an example of her talent behind the lens and in the editing bay.

“My heart for this project was for you to experience the adventure and beauty of Hawaii,” she wrote. “The people I met and the experiences I had are second to none and truly changed my life. For those involved–Dad, Kalani, Oleema, Aunty Janell, Aunty Racquel, Karenna, Emily, Sofia, Selena, Deborah, Bailee (and Bailee’s mom), Jack, Sam, and everyone else–thank you for all you guys did to make this dream happen! I dedicate this one to you. Aloha, x”


See more of Taylor’s work on TaylorSlater.com, on Youtube, and on Instagram @taylrsltr.


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