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Ever got a brand new board then totally blown the pad placement? Even just the slightest bit off, and you’re going to notice it. Maybe not under your feet, but man oh man, on a spankin’ new white board, a crooked pad sticks out like a sore thumb. Kelly Slater knows this. Chances are he knows this because he’s screwed up a few times (he’s undoubtedly stuck more traction pads on than most), but he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve.

Oh, and Slater Designs traction is made from algae. Along with Bloom Foam, they “use advanced machines to pull algae riddled water out of ponds and lakes that are at risk of toxic algal blooms. Then they separate the algae from the water and use it to make flexible foams that become the traction pads we surf on. The clean water, free of algae, is then returned back to the environment.”

How’s that for fun filtration?


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