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Slater clearly ate some power snacks before throwing down this turn. Photo: Foster.

Slater clearly ate some power snacks before throwing down this turn. Photo: Foster.

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To 11x world champion Kelly Slater, the only number that matters is the number of world titles attached to your name. Date of birth, is pretty much irrelevant. Although Slater will turn 44 this February and has been a defining force on the championship tour for a quarter century, he’s still surfing better than ever and possibly taking over the world (Outerknown, Kelly’s Wave, Slater Designs…). He’s made it no secret that he’s been able to stay at the top because of the work he puts into caring for his body. Without question, diet is one of Slater’s keys to success. Here’s a few lessons we could all learn from the champ’s Instagram when it comes to fueling up.

Eat Food

Well I screwed that up. #MySpecialty (usually). #GlutenFree, #Chia, protein pancakes.

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Not just any food, but real food, healthy food. Slater eats super clean, even if his cooking techniques aren’t alway up to par (odd that his flapjack flip is sloppier than this 540). However, you have to commend his ability to make even pancakes healthy. Overall, he also keeps gluten to minimum, and he’s never afraid to throw in a dash of Chia seeds. Not to mention he eats organic and GMO free. We all could try to eat a little cleaner and follow in the footsteps of the champ.        

Pack Snacks  

This #SnackBoy spends most of his day planning surfs and snacks. What a life. That being said, planning out healthy snacks throughout the day is a great way to keep your body energized. Plus it helps fend off cravings and prevent overeating. Not to mention that when you surf 12 hours a day like Slater, you need to have something to burn off.

It’s Ok To Cheat

Slater teaches us it’s ok to splurge occasionally when you’re out with friends. A Costco hotdog might not be my treat of choice, but then again, I’m not exactly cool enough to roll with Sunny Garcia, so what do I know. At the end of the day, allowing yourself to cheat is healthy. Completely forbidding yourself from eating specific foods isn’t a sustainable diet. Focus on making most of your meals healthy, but don’t forget to enjoy life (and hot dogs) along the way.      

Don’t Be Afraid to Supplement  

Alright, this might be a bit excessive, but you get the point. It’s important to make sure that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs, especially if you’re logging serious hours in the water. The saltwater and sun can be incredibly draining, and to surf your best, it’s essential to take your vitamins. Slater does it; you should too.


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