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Kelly Slater is putting his name on a lot of things lately. Purps, Firewire, and Outerknown, to name a few. But those all kind of make sense to be affiliated with the Champ. But Pottery Barn? Not so much… at first glance, at least.

Slater’s always been a strong advocate for clean living and cleaning up the environment. Purps is a healthy alternative to Red Bull. Rumors flew around his exit from Quik about environmental concerns. “I think it’s important to be who you are, and to be aware of how that affects the world around you and the people around you.”

With that in mind, Kelly partnered with PBTeen to create a whole line of furniture that doesn’t wreak havoc on the environment. There are more than 40 pieces in his collection, from rugs to surf racks, and just about everything in between–and it’s all made in an incredibly eco-friendly way. All the wood is FSC certified, which means it was harvested sustainably. All the fabrics are recycled, and there’s even a wind chime made from driftwood.


“I grew up in the ocean so it feels like home,” says Kelly. “For me, surfing is about being harmonious with nature and in tune with the ocean. My love for the ocean and nature is the same today as it was back then.”

​The Kelly Slater for PBteen collection launches today.



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