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The Inertia

Candid, in-depth interviews with Kelly Slater are always a treat, and this one has a lot packed into 15 minutes. Just this week, Kelly hopped on the Dan Patrick Show with the legendary sportscaster and gave his take on the Oscars slap that no on can seem to figure out, or stop talking about.

“All of us have our moments of good and bad and I think it was one of those moments that didn’t go to plan. I’m sure they’re both really embarrassed and sad about it. I can see both sides… It was an unfortunate event, but there’s some great memes,” the 11-time champ said with a grin.

To be honest, my favorite part of the interview is towards the end when he reveals that he was watching waves on his phone the entire time. Hid it well, that wiley GOAT.


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