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Kimi Werner is much more comfortable in the ocean than most. Unless you’re in the spearfishing world, you probably know her as the woman who rode a great white. But she’s far more than that–Werner is a National spearfishing champion, as well. She’s a quiet person, not exactly interested in the spotlight, but the things she does in her day-to-day life force her into it. That’s why Mercedes gave her a car for the short profile you see above. People want to know Kimi Werner.

It’s all part of a campaign called She’s Mercedes that focusses on successful women. Not successful in the way you might think, though. “Every success story is unique,” Mercedes explains, “but striving to excel is a trait all successful women share. But what is success? We believe it cannot be reduced to one aspect alone, but is far more an intelligent and balanced interplay of personal and professional fulfillment. The will to shape and define our own path is the driving force behind our modern concept of success.”

Werner, who was born on Maui, quit competitive spearfishing soon after winning the championship. The ocean, for her, was more than just a place to win a trophy. She wanted to go back to the place where it felt like home.


SHE'S MERCEDES – KIMI WERNER from Oliver Würffell on Vimeo.

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