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The Inertia

Pro surfers are the most discerning customers when it comes to surfboards. Minute shifts in dims that are undetectable to you or me could swing the delicate balance of speed and control every sled must strike out of whack for a professional.

It’s understandable, then, that when pros find something that works for them after lots of trial and error they stick to it. Koa Rothman’s latest episode of This Is Livin’ is the latest example of that fact.

“These are my favorite boards,” says Koa as he gestures toward a fresh crop of nine 6’6″ Pyzel Next Step models.


Allow me to step in here and say if you’re getting truckloads of boards (13 total) every so often, you’re doing something right. Anyway, back to Koa.

“This is the biggest board I’ll use at Pipe, but I try to use it whenever I can when it gets big enough. They just work soooo well and go sooo fast.”

Okay, so most may not be jumping at the opportunity to order boards that go well at Pipe. Still, it’s another stamp of approval for Jon Pyzel’s handiwork. And in the case that you are looking for a Pipe glass slipper, here’s something to consider.


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