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The Inertia

Koa Rothman isn’t a Malibu local. No one really is these days, aside from a few people like Sarlo, etc., but Koa’s certainly surfed there a lot. He’s seen it in its many moods; on its big days, small days, bad days, and good days. But when the Code Red 2 swell lit it up, he claimed that “it might be the best Malibu I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

And although it certainly was very good, Koa was not, by any means, the only person clued in. When even the hint of a good swell pushes its way into that famous stretch of sand, it can feel as though the entirety of Southern California is in the lineup. At Malibu, if you’re not in front of someone, you’re behind them — but the wave is so good that people just can’t seem to go anywhere else.


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