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Hurricane Douglas gave the Hawaiian Islands a pretty good tickle a few days ago. For a while there, it looked as though a handful of the islands were going to bear the brunt of Doug’s wrath, but at the last moment, it veered off. Still, though, it ended up passing about 45 miles north of Maui and possibly even closer to Oahu as a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday, so the ocean was whipped into a solid frenzy.

Koa Rothman, who probably went against the wishes of everyone who cares about him, decided to head to the East Side of Oahu, which, according to him, is where “the hurricane is going to hit the hardest.” That’s because he was hoping for the most swell. With a board that he was okay with breaking in tow, he paddled out at a warping, weird spot before heading back to his North Shore stomping grounds.


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