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The Inertia

“These things are kind of funny,” says Koa Smith as he looks out at a hole in a rock he’s about to attempt to surf through. “Yes, it is possible, but yes, it is very, very sketchy. And we are very, very far away from any help. It’s right there on the borderline of being really dumb.”

Generally, when it comes to the very niche pastime of dodging rocks on a surfboard for a YouTube channel, Mason Ho carries the torch. Koa Smith decided to give him a run for his money. He did it on a recent trip through the the Transkei, the wild coast of South Africa — and it’s wild all right.

Koa, who is fresh off filming for The Ultimate Surfer (well, a year off, anyway), had been exploring Africa for weeks before he found this hole in the wall. Judging from the content he’s put out, the trip was rather incredible.


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