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Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the most classic Hollywood surf flick of all time, along comes someone to blow your mind. And this might be the most interesting tidbit yet. In an Instagram interview last week with Kolohe Andino, I asked the 26-year-old perennial Top-Fiver what his favorite scene from Point Break was at the 16-minute mark (above). His answer? “Definitely when my dad was smoking pot under the towel,” he says of his father Dino, also a world tour veteran who played a bit roll in the epic saga.

Dino, whose credit name is Psycho Stick in the film (probably the best name in a film ever), comes into play as Gary Busey’s character is looking for hair samples from surfers while he and Keanu try to crack the most brodical bank robbing case in the history of bank robbing (see a truncated version of the scene, below).

According to Kolohe, the elder Andino won the part on a whim when he took friend Matt Archbold to a casting tryout as word had gotten out that Kathryn Bigelow’s production team for the 1991 epic was hiring surfers. And of course the San Clemente local fit the part to a tee: “Yeah, he didn’t have to go out of character much,” Kolohe joked.

There’s plenty more in the interview with Brother, like his lukewarm take on the new CT format (he doesn’t think it’ll last), his nursing of a knee injury lately, and what it’s like to surf with Kelly Slater in a lineup. Have a listen. And for now, we leave you with this endearing image of Dino in the first (and by far the best) Point Break. If Dino’s hair is real in the film, you can see where Kolohe gets his blond locks. Long live Gary Busey:



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