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The Inertia

Rain squalls and uncooperative conditions were the hallmarks of the 2018-2019 California winter. Still, there were pockets of perfection for those willing to work. It would seem Kolohe Andino is more than willing to work.

Word on the street is the man, anxious for some solid results and maybe motivated to represent his country at the Olympics, spent the offseason waking up at ungodly hours to train and surf multiple times per day. When you’re that hungry, you’re willing to turn over every rock to find surf when there’s swell in the water, and the four minutes above shot mostly around Santa Cruz are evidence of that.

Going into Bells, Kolohe currently sits number two on the rankings. The extra oomph perceptible in Kolohe’s surfing here appears to have translated at D-Bah and through to the judges at the Quik Pro Gold Coast. Here’s to hoping that momentum carries.


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