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Over three years ago, our own Zach Weisberg had the benefit of spending a bright summer day at Lower Trestles with one Kyuss King and his family. Back then, Zach pegged Kyuss as an exciting, metal-loving, grom with a penchant for bright green and purple wetsuits.

Now, Kyuss hardly qualifies as a grom, and if his recent web edits are any indication, he’ll continue to entrench himself as an exciting surfer to watch – whether he focuses purely on contests, goes the free surf route, or manages something in between is entirely up to him.

Earlier this winter, while all eyes were transfixed on Hawaii, Vans – the presenting sponsor of the Triple Crown – gave Kyuss the nod to compete in both the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa and the Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach.

Kyuss’ results may have been lackluster, but he has plenty of time to come into his own.


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