The Inertia

La Gravière has been absolutely firing, which is pretty convenient timing considering the WSL’s elite are pouring into Hossegor right now for the 2019 Quik Pro France. And the presence of swell is one thing, but it’s as if the sandbars spent the summer consciously grooming themselves for the occasion.

“While the workers are building the structures for the contest, the locals and others are warming up La Gravière for the pros,” photographer Jérôme Chobeaux told The Inertia. “The sandbars are getting very good. Perfect for powerful barrels!”

Indeed, the lineup is shaping up perfectly for the contest itself, with split peaks now directly in front of where the judges’ booth will be set up. Give it up for the folks who scheduled the contest window in France. If things keep up like this, the CT is going to put on a heckuva show.

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