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We will never, ever, ever tire of watching Laird Hamilton foil board across our gorgeous oceans. It simply just won’t happen. Maybe he knows this. More likely, he just loves the ocean. And his latest foil board expedition comes by way of The Ultimate Waterman Competition in New Zealand. A brand new event he’s putting the full weight of his name behind.

So what’sThe Ultimate Watermen Competition?

Think World’s Strongest Man competition meets the saltwater. An invite-only international event, it’s tailor-made for the likes of Laird (who won’t be competing, unfortunately, but supports it, nonetheless).

“The ultimate waterman is going to be humble,” said Laird, with a self-aware laugh. “And versatile. Very complex. A capacity to do a huge array of disciplines and ultimately to be – if not one of the greatest athletes in the world.”

“Laird wanted to show his support for the event by coming down here,” said event creator Greg Townsend. “He recognizes it as an innovative and pioneering competition that pushes the boundaries. These are qualities that Laird himself epitomizes.”

Invitations have been delivered to eight competitors around the world including: Mark Visser (the dude who jumped out of a plane and surfed Jaws at night), Kala Alexander (you know who he is), Kai Lenny (the happiest, most badass waterman emerging from Hawaii right now), Manoa Drollet (Teahupoo Barrel Mastah) and several others.

Come March 14th, they’ll compete in six different disciplines: big-wave paddle in surfing, longboarding, shortboarding, stand up paddle surfing, standup paddling endurance, and waka-ama endurance.

We encourage them to consider including a foil boarding competition as well. You just don’t see much foil boarding outside of Mr. Hamilton, and that’s a damn shame.

And now for the question that’s on everyone’s minds. As of yet, the WSL has not purchased this renegade tour.

Mr. Laird Hamilton. Always doing something epic that requires a helicopter. Good on him!

Mr. Laird Hamilton. Always doing something epic that requires helicopter assistance. Good on him!


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