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Golfing and surfing have gone hand-in-hand for a long time now. It’s kind of strange, though, because they’re not even close to similar. But for whatever reason, a lot of surfers love to golf. Because of that, Laird Hamilton created something called a GolfBoard, which is basically a golf cart you can stand on.

Next week at Tetherow Resort in Bend, Oregon, the world’s first GolfBoard tournament will commence. Winner takes home a GolfBoard. May 29th and 30th, the event kicks off with a speedgolf demonstration. Then on the morning of the 30th, the real tournament starts up. Laird will host the event, as well as competing in it.

GolfBoard chose Tetherow because its the first golf course in the world to offer GolfBoards as well as golf carts. The contest is open to the public, if you’ve got $195 to shell out and an active USGA Handicap.


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