The Inertia

“Another day here in paradise,” says Koa Smith to the camera, with a downpour in the background.  Despite the touch of irony in that intro, this video from Koa’s latest trip to the Mentawais shows that the famed archipelago is still a surf paradise, even in unfavorable weather.

“Because it’s so stormy, there’s no other boats. There’s just the guests that are staying here on the island. Some of the best waves I’ve seen in a long time,” continues Smith. With that, he suits up, straps on a GoPro, and heads out into the rain-spattered lineup at Lance’s Right.

What results is the type of footage we’ve come to expect from the Mentawais: set after set of blisteringly fast barrels, seen from both Koa’s POV and others. This time, however, an overcast sky and rain add a touch of drama to the proceedings.


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