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This might be the world’s first-ever Western surf flick. It goes a little something like this.

There once was a gal – a cowgirl surfer, to be exact, named Leah Dawson. She believed people can do anything. And she had a nasty obsession with the Legend of The Iron Sea Horse. As the tale goes, there existed a Shangri-la oasis right smack dab in the middle of America’s plains. It only revealed itself to that contrarian kinda character who truly believes that anything’s possible.

A handful of brave explorers had passed through over the years never to be seen again, but she didn’t care. She trekked by foot, by horseback. Heck, even by surfboard.

She had a vision. Always searching. And her belief in the indomitable human spirit might bring her to ruin. Or…to a surfer’s paradise.

Special thanks to NLand Surf Park, Leah Dawson, Casey Acaster, Evan Adamson, Alex Haro, Dylan Heyden, Johnny Blades, Spindrift, and team for making this project a reality.


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