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The Inertia

Ask any shaper or board builder who prides themselves on creating fine products and they’re sure to know the name Boehne. Steve is a renowned Southern California shaper. But before he made surfboards–and perhaps as a result–he and his wife Barrie were two of the world’s best tandem surfers. Eventually winning a pair of world titles together, they also managed to inspire two generations of surfers.

This is Liliana Boehne. Their granddaughter and daughter of their son, Dan, who is also a shaper (and a dentist). She just turned five, and she and her dad have been tandem surfing together since she was three. They do two or three tandem surfing events a year together. As you can see, she’s a natural.

Watch our feature on Steve and Barrie Boehne and the influence their surfing has had on their children, their children’s children, and others.


Video edited by Ryan Trautwein. Footage provided by the Boehne family.


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