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You’ve heard it before. “Surfing isn’t a sport. It’s a lifestyyyyle.” The observation has garnered its fair share of eye rolls and highly-warranted satire. But, at the risk of employing a particularly abundant aphorism, there are those surfers who just move through the world a little differently. Case in point: the lovely Miss Lola Mignot.

In the summer of last year, Lola completed a trio of alternative surfboard-inclined women for our project, Alternativa, that we’re pretty damn proud of. In an interview, Lola compared longboarding to dancing. “Since moving to Mexico, I’ve gotten into Salsa,” she told us. Which is why it’s particularly apropos that the short above hones in on Lola’s footwork as she moves through life and in the water at her home in Sayulita, Mexico.

Check out Alternativa for more from Lola below:



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