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What the hell happened to the surf film? Remember when there were surf films coming out that were longer than 3 minutes? Wasn’t it grand? There was a trailer, there was anticipation, there were screenings full of hoots and hollers. Nowadays, that’s a rarity. Instead, we get three minutes of wave porn beamed from our phones into our slack-lidded eyes, feel some form of muted enjoyment, and then forget all about the whole thing.

Thank God (or whatever) for Kai Neville. For a while there, Listen Now, Misty Dawn was only available via download or in person. Premiers in New York City, England, Barcelona, and Bondi for those lucky enough to go had that old feeling. Mitch Coleborn, Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Brendon Gibbens, Jack Freestone and Nate Tyler, alongside the new additions: Chippa Wilson, Taj Burrow (is this maybe his best part ever?) and Shaun Manners, slid around on the silver screen. Now, for all you folks who didn’t download it, it’s available for free. Sigh. But watch! It’s amazing!

 ‘Listen Now, Misty Dawn’ from epokhe on Vimeo.


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