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The Inertia

It was the dog days of a deadbeat 2015 summer, and an eager squad flew south to find epic surf. Rob Machado, Tim Curran, Kalle Carranza and Justin Machado searched up to Nayarit and down to Colima for the perfect set. They never found it. No one shook a fist at the cosmos because of the parsimonious Pacific. Instead, the riders made the most of the modest conditions in the mornings and spent the rest of their days embracing an inner sense of being cool even when the situation seemed uncool. The locals call that wisdom chilo, and it turned the trip into something more than anyone expected.

Editor’s Note: This gallery is a behind the scenes look at the Machado Brothers and friends’ recent exploits in Mexico during production of Chilo en Mexico, a short film presented by LifeProof. The film will make its debut on our website tomorrow, July 29th. Be sure to check back then!


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