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The Inertia

Not too long ago, Koa and Makua Rothman got together on the North Shore one afternoon and decided to place a wager on their casual brotherly surf off. You know, just to throw a little fuel in the competitive fires and earn somebody bragging rights.

The way it came about was actually a pretty entertaining affair if for nothing other than Makua’s excitement and indecision. Makua originally wanted the winner to be whoever threw down the biggest hack — just one, singular grown-up bashing of a lip. But then, you know what, let’s just go with “whoever is ripping the hardest.” And while we’re at it, let’s let the fair and balanced and completely impartial world that is the internet decide who did it best. And one more thing, let’s wager something…like the winner gives the loser a haircut.

The people spoke, voting in favor of the elder Rothman. Makua couldn’t have been happier about the victory and his prize. It was supposed to be a mullet, which it may be by the technical definition of the term. There’s definitely some form of party going on in the back and something you might call business in the front. Whatever you call it, this may very well be the worst hairstyle in surfing.


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