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The Inertia

Justin Stuller needs to buy a lottery ticket. While lobster fishing in the Florida Keys last week he was bitten by an eight-foot shark, he estimates. The fish took a solid chunk out of his leg as he was diving.

Stuller estimates the lemon shark left a five-six inch wound on his leg as he was resurfacing from the dive, which you can see above. But that’s not the only time he’s been attacked by a wild animal. Stuller, a Florida native, also shows off bite scars from an alligator that attacked him.

Stuller was worried about his family that was in the water with him but was able to get them out safely. He says he has no qualms about getting back in the ocean. “I’ve got nothing against the shark, no ill will,” he said. “Right place, wrong time. I was more angry I couldn’t go in the water the next day.”


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