Photographer / Filmmaker / Drone Producer / Co-Founder, Máquina Voadora

The Inertia

New Drone footage has emerged of intense carnage from Nazaré involving big wave surfer, Marcelo Luna. Luna, a 33-year-old professional surfer from Brazil, is seen taking on a monster wave in Praia do Norte on January 1, 2018, in which he managed to make the drop successfully before being chased down by a giant wall of whitewash. The drone footage captured by Máquina Voadora shows the entire sequence at close range and with a unique perspective.

“This was like being eaten alive by a monster,” he told filmmakers after the session was over. “I got lucky not to be directly under the lip of the wave during impact, otherwise this could have been a very different story. The energy of that wave was really intense and held me down for a long time.”

Marcelo Luna has been chasing giant waves at Nazaré since 2016 and is one of the most active surfers operating in the region lately. With several WSL Big Wave Award entries to his name, he’s a regular presence when conditions go ballistic at Nazaré.


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