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The Inertia

The Margaret River Pro is just around the corner. It’s the fifth event on the tour, the second of the Australian leg, and it’s on the tour for a good reason: the waves can be incredible — especially if the Box gets involved.

There are a few reasons why Margaret River is such a good wave. The Roaring Forties howls eastward across the ocean towards Western Australia, driven by the displacement of air from the equator towards the South Pole. With almost no landmasses in the way to break them up, they can generate extraordinary force… and with it, extraordinary waves.

A few miles off shore sits an offshore trench. The deepwater around it funnels the swell, similar to what the Nazaré canyon does, towards the Box and Margs’ Main Break. Those powerful open ocean swells are concentrated into some of the best waves on tour, and the WSL created the short clip you see above to explain how it happens.

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