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The Inertia

One of Australia’s premier beach breaks, Martha Lavinia, located on King Island off the coast of Tasmania, is currently under threat. A proposal that would see a salmon farm constructed just east of the surf break, by all measures, would have a devastating impact on the marine environment. Locals and many traveling surfers who’ve had the pleasure of visiting Martha Lavinia are up in arms.

According to Save the Waves, a Tasmania-based salmon producer called Tassal was granted a permit to explore options for a fish farm off King Island after government officials earmarked it as a potential location last August. The salmon industry is a major boon for the Australian economy generating $625.9 million per year.

And yet, the negative impacts intensive fish farming can have on natural environments is well-known. For one, open pen systems mean different forms of solid and dissolved waste will inevitably be released into the ocean.


In an effort to spread awareness over the continued fight for Martha, Dave Rastovich recently traveled there to understand what’s at stake. As you’ll see, Martha cranks.

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