The Inertia

Mason Ho and Clay Marzo’s string of collaborations continues. This time, the childhood friends found themselves in France for a session on a “fun little reform bank,” as the video description on Mason Ho’s YouTube channel describes. Though this isn’t the first export from their European sojourn, there’s a few key differences from the last video. Now, their playground consists of mostly lefts and the two are joined by Mason’s equally talented sister Coco.

The clips add yet another arrow to the quiver of those who argue that Ho and Marzo are two of the best freesurfers in the world. Once you add the explosive surfing of Coco Ho to the mix, there’s just a metric ton of talent out there in the lineup.

In case you were wondering what else the crew was up to behind the scenes, the video is bookended by trips to a grocery store and a quick phone call to make plans for the next step of the journey. While the edit itself has us all eagerly anticipating whatever footage will come from the pair next, seeing the two debate the merits of various French produce really makes you wonder what a Ho and Marzo-hosted cooking show would look like.


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