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The subject of claiming is a tricky one to wade into with pro surfers and surf fans. It’s polarizing, really. Proponents claim that it’s an instinctual act of passion that surfers can’t help in a heat. It just comes out. Anti-claimers will clap back with examples of someone claiming a mediocre wave after a few mediocre maneuvers and likely argue it’s used as a tactic to try and milk a bigger score. And then there’s the “depends who does it” argument. If a surfer claims all the time, they’ll say, maybe take a break. If a surfer never claims, when that moment of passion does come out of them, completely unfettered, well, then you know it’s genuine.

In the clip above, the ever-entertaining Mason Ho discusses whether claims should be premeditated. “I don’t think of my claims,” he says. “I don’t think anybody else should.” He also says that maybe after his “pelvic thrust” claim, he might need to take a break from claiming for a while. Which would totally suck.

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