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A few days ago, Mason Ho posted a quick little ditty onto his YouTube channel. It was Mason Ho at his finest: surfing that strange wedge of weirdness in Newport with a bunch of other insanely talented surfers. Mason Ho surfing the Wedge is something everyone should witness in person at least once in their life, but if that’s not possible, viewing it through your screen will have to suffice.

A few days after Mason released his edit, the fine folks over at Beefs T.V. — who are on just about every Wedge swell that roars through — posted their take on the day. It’s a far more thorough look at a day of surfing that isn’t getting nearly enough attention.

It wasn’t just Mason Ho, after all. It was also Blair Conklin, Tyler Stanaland, George Bryan, Gary Abdulla, Tanner McDaniel, Kai “Little Dawg” Thompson and more. And when you put the whole thing together, you get a day that should go down in history as one filled with some of the most insane surfing at one of California’s heaviest waves.


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