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The Inertia

Editor’s Note: You have, of course, rested your eyeballs on some kind of Jaws footage from the last couple of days. One of the most anticipated swells in a long time made its grand entrance to Maui’s famed big-wave spot, and, according to some, it didn’t exactly measure up. Sure, it was massive, but massive ain’t always great. The fact that it wasn’t perfect, however, didn’t stop the hungry hordes from paddling out and dodging the mayhem. Here’s a look at it from the sky, courtesy of Aerial Video Maui. Oh, and here’s a tip: click over to 3:28 to watch what looks to be Brad Domke attempting a skimboard step-off.

Aerial Video Maui- Bombs on Hawaii (Pe’ahi, Maui) Jan. 13th&14th 2018 from Aerial Video Maui on Vimeo.


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