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The Inertia

“One of my early memories with water photography is buying a disposable camera at, like, the gas station and taking that out to Sandy [Beach] and shooting the entire roll with my friends,” says Zak Noyle.

The acclaimed water photographer may be most well known for his stunning shots of Pipeline and the world’s best racing through the tube. But, Noyle’s interest in photography comes from humble beginnings – specifically Sandy Beach Park. It’s one of the few places on Oahu, says Noyle, that you can capture the sunrise through a barreling wave.

The video above just scratches the surface of Noyle’s commitment to sharing the beauty of Hawaii through photography – specifically waves like Pipe and Sandy’s. Still, his words ring true for any discipline or passion one might pursue.


“You never want to be so comfortable or just so casual that it doesn’t make it exciting, it doesn’t make it fun, or it doesn’t make you, you know, a little bit nervous,” he says.


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