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Matt Dunsmore is a really resourceful man who absolutely charges. Put those qualities together and you have a guy paying his way to chase swells all over the world. It’s not the path that’s sold to most of us. It’s not “the dream.” But then again, it is. Because however he has to make it happen, Dunsmore finds his way into some of the best waves on the planet at the most opportune moments.

The North Narrabeen, Australia native is a carpenter by trade who manages to get off work whenever a swell pops up that warrants booking a flight. He’s worked as a surf guide in Sumatra and Namotu, had his fair share of strike missions to Teahupo’o, Fiji, you name it. “Got skunked twice,” he tells us.

“I have a little bit of help,” he says about sponsorships, “but a lot of these trips were self-funded. A lot of the swells I went to there were some big-name surfers out there who brought their own filmers. Then there was me trying to scratch up some footage from each trip.”


This edit is a collection of footage from those adventures, pieced together by the man himself. We told you he’s resourceful. So let Matt Dunsmore be a reminder to the rest of us that you don’t need a six-figure sponsor paycheck to score (anywhere on the planet). You just need to bust your a$$ like Matt.

“My goals are to pretty much keep doing what I’m doing and go bigger and harder and chase as many swells as I can,” he said.

Amen, Matty.



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