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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve likely heard Lil Nas X’s breakout joint “Old Town Road.” The song went viral earlier this year thanks to the “Yeehaw Challenge” that took the internet by storm. And in recent weeks it’s enjoyed a bit of a second wind after a heartwarming story came to light about a boy with nonverbal autism was inspired to sing the words.

Apparently, Matt Meola is a huge fan – something that inspired him to parody the track in an ode to surfing in Waco, Texas to back some excess footage he had from surfing there last year.

“I just watched that song blow up so hard and loved the guy’s story,” Meola told The Inertia. “He pretty much went from nobody to having the most popular song on the charts. I was hearing it fucking everywhere.”


The earworm turned into inspiration.

“I had all this footage from last year at the pool that I needed to make an edit with,” he said. “One morning I was playing my guitar on my couch and it hit me. What a perfect song to make a parody with. So I wrote it and recorded it on my phone. My buddy Jon Spenser who is my filmer/editor is also an awesome musician. So when we were in Bali a few weeks back with a little downtime we laid down the tracks on this little recorder thing. He did the base (sic) and drums I did the vocals and guitar. We were cracking up the whole time.”

Come for the parody backtrack, stay for the surfing that, as always, is mind-blowing.



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