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It’s not often you see Matt Meola on anything other than a gun or a standard shortboard. His surfing, for the most part, needs only those two things. He does, however, like most good surfers, know that variety is the spice of life. That’s why, on a recent trip to the Maldives, he packed a quiver of twin-fins and proceeded to surf them with a mix of classic style and his aerial prowess.

You know what’s wonderful about surfing right now? People are riding a whole bunch of different boards. Sure, there are still those grouchy old holdouts that care about what someone else is riding, but they’re only making their own days worse by complaining about something that has no effect on them whatsoever. You want to ride a twin fin? Ride it. You want to ride a log? Ride that. You want to ride a standard thruster? Go ahead. A mid-length with a 2+1? Of course! Just don’t be an asshole… that’s person-dependent, not board-dependent.

MALDIVES from Meola on Vimeo.


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