The Inertia for Good Editor

The Inertia

We’ve all seen that girl walking down the street on a Saturday night. You know who she is. She’s dressed to the nines and ready to take on the world, all capped off with a brand spanking new pair of heels that cost half of last month’s paycheck. This is her night. Because this is the first time the world is blessed with the opportunity to see her in those damn awesome heels. You have two options: either bring the heat or get out of her way. Except there’s just one problem. She’s about as graceful in pumps as a drunk newborn calf trying to take its very first steps. And just like that, the hot stilettos turned this babe into a clumsy junk show who’s going to be walking down Main Street bare foot in about two hours anyway. Yes, nothing ruins a good pair of high heels like somebody who can’t walk (read: function) in them.

Maud Le Car is definitely not “that girl.” And what better way to prove you can dance gracefully in a fresh pair of kicks than doing so on a wave? Evening gown and all, Le Car wants us to know that being a sexy professional surfer is one thing while being skilled and accomplished is another. I think she’s accomplished exactly that.


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