Geoff Hunter passed away after free diving off the coast of Oneuli Beach in Makena. He was 29 years old. Photo: Instragram

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Geoff Hunter, a freediver from Maui and a well-known figure in the surf community, passed away after being pulled from the ocean floor off of Oneuli Beach in Makena. He was 29 years old. At 1:13 PM, fire rescue crews responded to the free

At 1:13 PM, fire rescue crews responded to the freediver who was reportedly unresponsive on the sea floor, nearly 100 feet below the surface. Hunter’s friends, who were also free diving off Oneuli Beach attempted a rescue, but the current was too strong to successfully retrieve him. An hour later rescue divers recovered the victim and immediately airlifted him to a nearby golf course. Geoff was pronounced dead on the scene.

“He was one of my best friends,” said Matt Meola. “We’ve known each other since he moved here from California back in high school.”

I have to be real with all of you, this is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to write. Reading through stories of him is one thing, but his best friends and an entire community are experiencing a major loss. Meola could barely keep his composure over the phone. Stay strong, Matt.


I never actually knew Geoff personally, but I really wish I did. It’s tough to write a story like this about someone you don’t actually know, so I felt like there was something more that needed to be said or something more I could do in his memory. So, instead of telling the rest of his story myself, I’d much rather let the folks who loved him most tell you a little more about a man that will be missed.

“I wasn’t done loving you, Geoffrey. Thank you for teaching me how to love and (trying to teach me to) live as a standup adult. I hope someday I can be half as good and kind and generous and capable as you. Just to start, I’m going to buy myself new sheets and pillows and fix my emergency break and stop worrying so much what other people think and help my mom more…”
– Inanna Carter.

“He was a true friend and although we only chatted occasionally after I left Port Mac, the time spent through those years formed a friendship which would last forever. I admire him for pursuing things in his own style and making decisions which would eventually guide him home. He loved life, nature, water and the sky but most importantly his family and friends. I know your listening to my thoughts buddy, take care, keep smiling.”
– Mark Jones.

“I miss you with all of me. You left too soon, brother. Soar high, we have always been inspired by you and promise to live life to its fullest just as you truly did.”
– Jenna Hunter

Geoff’ and good friend, Matt Meola. Both grew up together in Maui. Photo: Instagram

“You were my brother. The first person I called every morning when I woke up. It hurts so bad waking up and not being able to that. We shared so many amazing adventures. I thought it would go on forever. I looked up to you so much. You were always so happy and had everything going for you. I don’t understand why this had to happen. You only did good on this earth. Every day you made it a better place. When you weren’t making your friends smile you were saving people’s lives. You cooked your last meal with me, we shared your last surf together, and I wish I could have been there for that last dive. I miss the smile on your face when you came up from shooting a fish. I miss everything about you. I don’t know how I’m going to go on without you. I will not let the memories fade and I will do my best to be more loving like you always were. I love you, Geoffrey. I loved you so much.”
– Matt Meola


Losing a son, a brother, and a best friend is one of the most painful things to go through in a lifetime and our thoughts and prayers here at The Inertia go out to everyone that has been hurt by this loss. If you are inclined to help, please take the time to visit Geoff’s GoFundMe Page, set up by his close friends and family. Stay strong, everyone.


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