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A Mav’s bomb goes untouched but not unappreciated. The WSL announced Friday a possible Tuesday start to the Mavericks Challenge. Photo: Carlos Vargas

The Inertia

With a solid run of swell set to light up much of the west coast next week, the WSL is eyeing a Tuesday start for the inaugural Mavericks Challenge, according to a Friday announcement.

A first swell is actually due on Monday, but with unruly south winds in the forecast, Big Wave Tour Commissioner Mike Parsons made the call that Monday is a no-go. Conditions are set to improve Tuesday, but Snips is cautiously optimistic.

“We’re still yellow for a possible run on Tuesday the 16th,” he said. “Timing-wise we would be going green on 13th for a go day on Tuesday 16th, pending conditions.”

Late last year the WSL waded into the quagmire of event permitting issues that plagued organizers of Titans of Mavericks and led one of our editors to chime in saying, essentially, enough is enough. But after receiving Coastal Commission approval last December, it appeared that maybe, just maybe the WSL was the saving grace among big wave athletes and fans hoping to finally watch a contest go down again at Mav’s.


Back when Titans of Mavericks still held the contest permit, the Coastal Commission mandated event organizers include women’s heats. Now, under WSL dominion, the Mavericks Challenge (if it runs) will see a women’s event run in tandem with the men’s. It’s the second of two stops on the Women’s Big Wave World Tour – which only had one stop, Jaws, in the 2016-17 season.

According to the WSL, live spectating from the bluff and surrounding beaches on the day of the event is prohibited, but in addition to watching online, there are a handful of local haunts in the San Mateo County-area that will be showing the event.




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