The Inertia

King Neptunes of the Southern Seas is a look into the lives of three ostentatious elderly soul surfers who live for riding waves in the southern antipodes. Tasmania has a rugged and varied coastline that attracts swells all year. This film follows Marley, Tony, and Shane around the grand coastal vistas as they take advantage of that, living and breathing the soul surfer ethos.

In 2016, I embarked on a completely independent project to document these three charismatic surfers in Tasmania. I saw an energy and verve in them that is rarely articulated so well. They all simply really loved the act of riding waves and couldn’t get enough of the cold water stoke. They’re all approaching their 60’s but still manage to carry the stoke of grom.

The film relates stories of the everyday Average Joe surfer, who may not be the best in the world or riding the greatest waves, but is forever in love with the lifestyle. Marley, Tony, and Shane are a refreshing blast from the past, oozing character, authenticity, and humor.

Note: If you’d like to see King Neptunes of the Southern Seas it is now available via Garage Entertainment here.


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