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Being unhappy would be my biggest fear, I guess… What else really is there to fear? – Emi Erickson, 25

Meet big-wave surfing’s next beautiful badass. The Queen of Sunset Beach on the North Shore, Emi charges winter swells at Waimea on her 10’6” single-fin gun shaped by Lyle Carlson.

Her family roots in big-wave surfing gave her the confidence to start surfing just seven years ago, paddling out for the first time at 10 ft Sunset. This season, she explored cold waters in the Pacific during one of the heaviest swells Maverick’s has seen in years on December 20th, 2014.

Introducing the XXL Big Wave Awards 2015 Women’s Performance nominee, Emi Erickson.

Emi Erickson

Meet big wave surfing’s next beautiful badass. Photo: Mike Bresnen

Emi Erickson, Big Wave Surfing

Meet the Queen of Sunset Beach. Photo: @ShannonReporting

emi erickson

A late April swell to cap off the North Shore season. Photo: @ShannonReporting

emi erickson

25-year-old Emi Erickson, the undisputed Queen of Sunset Beach. Photo: Mike Bresnen

emi erickson

Single-fins are her bread and butter. Photo: Mike Bresen

Produced by: The North Shore Collective, Shannon Reporting and Leah Dawson
Footage by: Wickr Super Sessions and It Ain’t Pretty film by Dayla Soul
Directed by: Shannon Reporting
Edited by: Leah Dawson
Music by: Holger Heckler and Nu


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