Journalist / Photographer / Filmmaker

The Inertia

Sail for Surf is the story of Collin Martins, a french chef with only one thing on his mind and his schedule: surfing. Like many others, Collin was hooked on surfing from the moment his parents put him on a surfboard at three years old.

Still, his passion for surfing has been pursued in a unique way. At 18, Collin moved to Australia so he could surf the entire year, giving himself the opportunity to explore Indonesia and fall in love with it. Later, in 2017, Collin decided it was time to take his quest for waves even deeper by living on a sailboat. He had no knowledge of sailing, so he sought professional training in ocean navigation, bought a sailboat, and set out for Indo. At least four to five months a year now, Collin finds himself sailing through the Indonesian archipelago, living on his boat, spearfishing for his meals, and of course, surfing. It is, of course, an enviable life.



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