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Holy Meola! is a punchy portrait of (arguably) the most unique and talented brother-sister duo in the surf world today: Matt and Lily Meola. Matt has Warhol-like ingenuity when it comes to creativity and panache in aerial surfing. The first time we saw him surf, we saw something of a ping pong ball flying through the air and sticking EVERYTHING. He’s unflappable – with knees of steel. Gumby, we say!

His younger sister Lily is no slouch either. With syrupy, Winehouse-esque country pipes, Lily’s on a fast track to becoming a household name. She just released a new album called They Say…, and Rolling Stone called her “one of ten country artists you need to know.” As it turns out, superstar kids don’t appear out of thin air. With love and support from their mother, Nancy, and Dad, Gary, they’ve got the brother/sister, family dynamic on lock. Outside of surfing, outside of music, it’s family first. And what a fine family to be. Meet the Meolas.

Editor’s Note: Holy Meola is proudly supported by the happy team at Sanuk.


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