Celebrate logging.

Celebrate logging. Photo: Mexi Log Fest

The Inertia

The appreciation of longboard culture and competitions is on the rise. Of course, longboarding has always been held in high regard and valued highly amongst those members of its tight-knit community, but a recent rise against the shortboard mentality-competitive surfing mindset has contributed to the reemergence of “fun boards” and a nostalgia for times past. Cue the Mexi-Log Fest.

The festival is a four day celebration of logging, complete with music, art, photography, local and international brands. All with the aim to bring logging and all its joys to the community down south in Mex.

The past two years of have competition proven that the event is totally relevant and definitely here to stay. 2017’s competition only further proves this. The upcoming event will see competitors from all over the world, including England, France, Australia, Taiwan, Reunion Island, Brazil, Peru, Canada, Japan, US, Spain, Italy, Portugal compete for $12,000 in prize money on January 13-15, 2017 in Sayulita, Mexico.

The 2017 competition is especially interesting because four generous benefactors have agreed to raffle off stays at their vacation homes, which come complete with expert guided surf trips.


Here’s the most recent event:

You can purchase your raffle tickets (no purchase limit 😉 by sending $50 to Paypal account mexilogfest@gmail.com. You will receive a raffle ticket and confirmation via email. Winners will be announced on August 16th. 
There will be four winners and the vacation prices are valued as follows:

1st place stays in Villas Rana Verde 
Valued at $5,200 usd

2nd place stays in Hotel Cinco
Valued at $4500 usd

3rd Place stays in Casa Namaste 
Valued at $2600 usd


4th place stays in Casa Love (only 2 guests)
Valued at $2000 usd

So go get yourself a raffle ticket. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough enjoy what is surely one of the most beautiful places on earth. And it doesn’t hurt you could be there for the wholly unique Mexi Log Fest, as well.




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