The Inertia

Pargo Media has done it again. They’ve delivered yet another piece of pure gold for our viewing pleasure. This time, producer and director, Mark Kronemeyer, trekked through the desolate deserts of Mexico with some of the best surfers in the world in hopes to score the dozens of fabled waves along the Pacific Coast. And scored they did. Gone, featuring Diego Cadena, Nils Schweizer, Brian Conley, Stosh Lindsey, and Oscar Moncada, provides a quintessential perspective of what it’s like to go on a trip of a lifetime to Mexico. Just think: if the trailer is this awesome, just imagine how great the full version will be…

From Baja to Oaxaca, from bone-dry desert to tropical jungle, we scoured familiar shores, took roads with no names, peeked around hidden corners  and criss-crossed a country famous for peril. We found our fortunes in new waves, new friends and the best of times —and continued  the search for the soul of surfing in Mexico. The crew that brought you 2010’s surf journey Rumors is back. Where have they been? They were GONE.” – Producer and Director, Mark Kronemeyer.



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